We've all been there.

A trip to the seaside accompanied with fish and chips on the beach.

Just when poised with chip to mouth, a winged monstrosity swoops from the heavens to claim its prize.
Things aren’t much different if you’re a Greek God either.

Here, Poseidon has taken shore leave to woo Aphrodite the Goddess of Love with a gentle stroll along the beach and to sample the local fare. Just as they're discussing the ins and outs of immortality and where the nearest hotel is, the Harpies descend upon them like a plague of locusts and ruin the moment.

This Print is created from 5 separate silk screens.
Each screen has been inked with a slightly different tone, from white to black, to achieve the subtlest gradation possible, precisely registered, and hand pulled across a fine gold leaf detail of chips.

5 layer Silk screen print over Gold leaf Detail on 300 gsm Somerset Satin paper with deckled edges

Image size : 51 x 72 cm
Paper size: 59.5 x 84 cm
Edition size: 50

Signed, stamped and numbered by the artist.


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